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Sahumerio Antorcha Salvia Blanca California (Salvia Apiana) - Merlin Tienda
Sahumerio Antorcha Salvia Blanca California (Salvia Apiana) - Merlin Tienda

Incense Torch White Sage California (Salvia Apiana)

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Size approximate of the piece: 10cm

Weight piece approximate : 20gr

Origin: California

Thread color may vary.

The pieces that will be delivered are similar to those in the photographs.

White sage is a particularly purifying plant, used for centuries by Native Americans and other cultures, especially in South America.

Its aroma neutralizes and balances the environment, obtaining as a result harmonized and energized spaces FREE of evil spirits or presences of the lower astral.

When the sage is fresh, it is grouped in bundles with thread and left to dry. Once dry, it is set on fire to later shake it in small circles to the right, until the white smoke that contains the purifying power is released.

This smoke spreads throughout the entire space of the house, or of the person to free them from any bad vibration.

Each tradition has its wisdom and uses of sage for ceremonial purposes. Sage is used to harmonize, clean or repel negative vibrations or emotions, both inside and outside ourselves, as well as in our homes, rooms, offices or any other type of structure in which we develop.

We use it to clean our auras, too, when we have a "bad day" or experience stressful situations.

Light the smoker in a ventilated space, where the purifying smoke is released
You can use a lighter to light it, candles, divine essence candles, or incense burner. As the fire burns out, you can lightly blow the Sahumerio to fan the flame a little and it doesn't go out. The effect of purifying is liberating. Focus on the moment, free your mind from worries and ask for harmony, prosperity and abundance in your life.

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