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Péndulo de Cuarzo Blanco - Merlin Tienda
Péndulo de Cuarzo Blanco - Merlin Tienda

White Quartz Pendulum

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Approximate size of the piece: 2 x 4cm
Approximate length of the chain: 15cm
Approximate weight of the piece: 15 - 20gr
Origin: Brazil

PROPERTIES : The quartz crystals They are considered a synthesis of life and a microcosm of the Universe. When the crystal is transparent and translucent, it is considered the healing mineral par excellence. It is related to the 7th chakra but can be used in any other center to help empower, channel or balance energy.

He quartz crystal It favors the connection with our own light and joy and is usually used to meditate, although it is not recommended to use it before bed as it is an activator. In the form of a druse it helps to energize and clean the energy of the space and also of the objects that are placed on top of it.

He white quartz either rock crystal It is considered an amplifier and enhancer, so it will be important to use it with well-focused intention. Together with other minerals it will amplify and enhance the properties of the other mineral.

ORIGINAL PRODUCT: All our products are authentic and come from the country that produces them.

UNIQUE PIECES: Natural minerals are unique pieces so it is possible that they may have some difference from the one shown in the image.

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