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Sacred Smoke Kit: Ritual for Love and Union

Sacred Smoke Kit: Ritual for Love and Union

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Composition: 4 vegetable charcoals, aromatic pearls, aromatic herbs, natural resins, essential oils and natural binder.
Use: to smoke
Box size: 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.5

Sahumar is one of the most powerful rituals, instructions are included to perform this ritual effectively.

This kit consists of:

Pink - love and togetherness.
Incense (Oliban) - purification and release.
Rosemary - connection and high vibrations.
Eucalyptus - openness and potential.
Laurel - balance and harmony.
Cedar - protection and prosperity.

To carry out this ritual, the fragrances of the kit must be expanded in the environments , the harmony that the laurel gives, the clarity that the incense brings, the cedar that invites prosperity and the rosemary that raises the personal vibration to connect with love will be experienced. and the union.

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