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Gem Study Kit
Gem Study Kit

Gem Study Kit

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The Study Crystal Set includes 6 powerful crystals and a crystal information card.


Improves concentration, memory and relieves stress thanks to its calming energy.

Tiger's Eye
Self Confidence, Luck, Courage, Security and Confidence.

Increases attention, Contains purifying energy that influences the intellect, clears the mind of distractions due to lack of concentration.

Pink quartz
Control periods of anxiety and restlessness, self-love.

It helps to concentrate on your work due to its vibrations that stimulate the brain.

Rough Citrine
Self-determination and Development, Helps to concentrate due to its energy and positive vibrations.

Please note that all crystals are unique therefore colors, shapes and textures of crystals may vary slightly.

Cleaning and charging:

There are many practices that you can follow to cleanse and charge your stone.
My path uses salt water and involves working with the full moon.

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