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Piramide de Obsidiana - Merlin Tienda

Obsidian Pyramid

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Approximate size of the piece: 4x4cm
Approximate weight of the piece: 43gr.
Origin: Mexico
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PROPERTIES : The obsidian It is considered a powerful stone of personal growth and transformation. As a black stone it is used for protection, cleansing and purification. It is related to the 1st chakra, with mother earth, and represents the integration of light in the earthly world, in a conscious and dynamic way.

The obsidian It is known for its strength and for its healing properties. Symbolically it represents the "mirror" to which the totality of being is reflected, with its shadow and with its light.

One of its characteristics is to directly show those limiting and shadowed aspects of oneself, in order to give them the opportunity to heal, release or integrate them. For this purpose it can bring to light blocks, traumas and memories of the past. It is recommended to become aware of its properties and its mobilizing capacity before using it.

ORIGINAL PRODUCT: All our products are authentic and come from the country where they are produced.

UNIQUE PIECES: natural minerals are unique pieces so it is possible that they may have some difference from the one shown in the image.

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